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There are plenty of rooms and facilities for teaching and learning, including 19 Office Rooms for teachers, 1 Information Management Practice room, 1 Business Simulation Laboratory, 1 Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory, 1 Multi-media classroom and 3 seminar rooms.

1. Teaching-oriented laboratories:

A. Information Management practice room (S309)

B. Business Simulation and Analysis laboratory (S 209A)

C. Intelligent Data Analysis laboratory (S209B)

2. Research project laboratories:

A. Rooms for student discussions (S301A)

B. Multimedia Teaching LaboratoryI)(S301B)

C. Ladder classroom with multimedia devices (S303)

D. Innovation and Creative labs (304A)

E. Seminar room ( a ) (S307)

F. Seminar rooms for teachers and students (S308-2A)


 Information Management practice room (S309)
Area : 120 square meters

Area120 square meters

FunctionPractical training and qualification examination

FacilitiesPCs (61), Novell Network StationPCsAudio-visual equipmentTypeTeaching Lab
TypeTeaching Lab



Business simulation and analysis laboratory
(S 209A)

(S 209A)

·         TypeTeaching Laboratory

·         Area80 square meters

·         FunctionHosting classes

·         FacilitiesECSCM and ERP SoftwarePCs (40)Projector

Intelligent data analysis laboratory (S209B)


·         TypeTeaching Laboratory

·         Area40 square meters

·         FunctionHosting classes and practical training

·         FacilitiesPCs (15)ProjectorData Mining SoftwareNetwork

Rooms for student discussions (S301A)


·         TypeResearch and study room

·         Area42 square meters

·         FunctionGroup discussion and research

·         FacilitiesPCs (10), (2), tables

Multimedia Teaching LaboratoryI
多媒體階梯視聽室 (S301B)

·         TypeResearch and study room

·         Area38 square meters

·         Functionhosting classes

·         Facilitiesover-head projector

Ladder classroom woth multimedia devices (S303)

多媒體階梯視聽室 (S303)

·         TypeResearch room

·         Area81 square meters

·         Function hosting classes for IMBA students

·         Facilitiesover-head Projector

Innovation and creative labs (304A)

創新與創意實驗室 (S304A)

·         TypeResearch Room

·         Area42 square meters

·         Functionhosting seminars and classes for graduate students

·         Facilitiestwo projector screens, 30 seats

Seminar room ( I ) (S307)


·         TypeResearch room

·         Area55 square meters

·         Function: Hosting classes and seminars for graduate students

·         Facilitiesprojector screens, 30 seats.

Discussion Room
師生討論室 (S308-2A)

·         TypeResearch and discussion room

·         Area12 square meters

·         FunctionGroup discussion

·         Facilitiesprojector screen, chairs and tables