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Chairperson Of BA

    First of all, welcome to the Department of Business Administration, STUST, and join this big family, a place full of life and creativity! In the four years to come, this is going to be our place, where we will be studying, growing, making friends, and spending our lives together. As you have just come to such a strange environment, you may feel uncomfortable; however, all the teachers and administrative assistants will help you become familiar with the environment here and start a colorful life in STUST.
    Here I have to let you know the honors and achievements our department has received over recent years. In 2009, we won the second prize (NT$ 1 million) of the Fourth Dragon Smile Contest; we also won the first and the fourth prize of the 2009 Innovative Honeycomb Product Planning Competition organized by ITRI. In 2010, we won the second prize (NT$ 0.5 million) of the Fifth Dragon Smile Contest. The year 2012 was a fruitful one for us: five teams of our department won prizes in the Industrial Creativity Contest of Energy-Saving Technology; 8 teams won prizes in the National Micro-Entrepreneurship and Creativity Competition; 7 teams won prizes in the Wartime Entrepreneurship Competition.... In addition, there even more great achievements. I believe you will proud of being a student of our department.

    Even with so many great achievements, we have to continue our efforts in a persistent manner. Our teachers and faculty are young and enthusiastic, each with excellent industrial experience and professional certificates and comparable to those of National Universities. There are now 23 full-time teachers, 21 of them with a doctorate and a position higher than assistant professor. They will lead you all the way to make your dreams come true. We hope that we can work hand in hand, working hard together and continue our efforts and achievements, bringing more glorious days into the history of the Department of Business Administration. 

    The resources of our department are mostly located in S Building. As the chairman of this department, I am always delighted to see you in the department office. Personal offices of our teachers are also located in S building, mostly on the third floor. You can always go to them for advice if you have any questions about your schoolwork or your lives in STUST. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you and every student of our department: as part of the department of Business Administration, do not forget that you must show your expertise whether you are participating in an activity, writing a report, or living your everyday life. You have to do this whenever you read, do research, or organize an activity.There is always a way in each and every detail. Only if we are professional can we let the world know our quality; only when we are professionals can we show the world our value without yelling for attention.

Welcome to join us. I wish you happiness in learning and successful in your endeavours!
Lin, Yih-Shiuh
Chairman of the Department of and Business Administration, 
Southern Taiwan University of Technology