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Adjunct Teacher



Area of Specialty




Master, Department of Marketing and Distribution Management Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology .06/2008


Marketing and Distribution Management



Chien-Chung Huang (黃建中)


Master, School of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 2007/06



Servics managementManagerial EfficiencyGeneral radiographic diagnosis Radiation Protection




Hsueh-Chih Liao (廖學志)


PhD, Major in Management Information System, Department of Management Information System, National Chung-Cheng University, 2010/7


Medical Quality Management, Hospital Accreditation Management




Shu‐Fang Ting (丁淑方)


Master, Instructional Technology, Utah State University (1998)
 Emphasis in Computer‐Based and Web‐Based Training Design
 Graduated with an interactive multi‐level computer‐based training project.


Computer‐Based and Web‐Based Training Design, Business Information Systems Education, Electronic Commerce.



Chao-Yung Wang (王昭庸)


Master, Department of Business Administration, Southern Taiwan University, Tainan, Taiwan, 2008/6


Applications of Management Information System, Data Mining, Computer Introduction, Hospital Information System, Medical Management




Yang,Yu-Sheng (楊宇聖)


Master, Department of Business Administration, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology 2009/6


Retail services, Human Resources Management, Project Management, Corporate Ethics




Yin, Shih-Hsi (殷世熙)


PhD, Institute of Manufacturing Information and Systems, National Cheng Kung University, 2013/6


Technology Management, Innovation Theory and Application, Industrial Innovation, Theory and Practice of Marketing, Production Management, Quality Management, Process Management, Business Management.



Chienming Yu (余建明)


PhD , International Business Studies, College in Management , National Chi Nan University 2013/10


Marketing Management, Strate gic Management, Land laws, Land use regulations, Real Estate Valuation Theory, Real Estate Registration Practice and Tax Savings




KuoChung Yuan (袁國中)


Master, Master of Business Administration, Southern Taiwan University , 2007/6


Applications of Management Business, Quality Management, Information Management, Production Management, Project Management , Laboratory Management


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