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Graduate Development

1.   To continue academic studies: students can choose to study the field they are interested in for a master and doctoral degree at universities in Taiwan or abroad.

2.   To work for the government: students can join national examinations and work as financial officer, tax officer, accountant, statistician, or manager in a government unit, etc.

3.   Students can take more training via industry-university cooperation and internships, acquiring more experiences and employment opportunities for future employment.

4.   Students can serve as a staffer or managerial personnel in domestic or foreign companies.

5.   Students can work for large industries and businesses, such as high-tech industry, financial securities industry, consumer product industry, and businesses focused on information and management consultancy.

6.   HR-related :

u  HR management analyst

u  Career Counseling Analyst

u  Occupational Analyst

u  HR department manager

u  Personnel managers .