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Undergraduate Program


        The main consideration for undergraduate students is to enhance their employment opportunities and develop the needed managerial skills for successful leadership. To achieve the goal, our objectives include:

Ø   Teach management knowledge and enhance IT application skills

Ø   Reinforce professionalism and teamwork

Ø   Foster entrepreneurship and innovation capabilities

Ø   Establish the connection between theory and practice through industry-academic collaboration

Ø   Develop global perspective with international student exchange program



The program is designed to develop students’ management skills for their career in three main areas: marketing and entrepreneurship, human resource and organization, operation management and information techniques. Based on the three designed course modules, we offer various courses for students to develop professional skills which connect academic theory with real-world application, and the courses include electronic business, internet marketing, investment management, ERP, organization management, human resource recruitment and selection, and effective interpersonal communication, et al.