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Abilities To Develop

1. Emphasis on fostering specialists in international business management:

  • In addition to strengthening our professional courses, we attach great importance to students’ English proficiency, second language training (as elective courses), and humanities for their personal development. While we encourage students to study abroad, increase their employability and competitiveness, we also recruit international students and promote the internationalization of our campus.

2. Enhancement of students’ training for being a management specialist:

  • In addition to providing a complete education in business management, we have developed distinctive elective courses of all areas to enhance students' capability of interdisciplinary integration and to strengthen their competence in specific areas.

3. Focus on the integration of theory and practice in business management:

  • By offering practical projects, management practice seminars, employment training courses, and certification courses, we prepare our students to apply a variety of theories and knowledge to their practice in business management.