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Graduate Program


The objective for graduate program is to cultivate students to be competitive leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, global perspective, and professional integrity. In addition, our program aims at systematizing, computerizing, and scientific management skills, so that students will be able to keep up with the current trend, be prepared to perform efficiently in the dynamic economic environment, and be able to provide solutions to business problems with quantitative and qualitative techniques.

We offer two graduate programs:
ØBusiness Administration program (BA program): students can select one of the following   fields as their major:
ØThe field of marketing and innovation
ØThe field of business workflow management
ØHuman Resource program (HR program) 

The Master Program of Overseas Practicum is designed to prepare students to face international competition by strengthen their comprehensive ability in second language and developing professional management techniques from foreign countries.

We offer students many different program options to tailor their studies to enhance their desired career opportunities. Students can choose the general graduate program or oversea study program for their major study when they applied either BA program or HR program.

We provide tuition fee for students who meet the criteria of ITP(510), iBT(64), IELTSS(5.0) for English-speaking counties, and JLPT(level 2 or higher than N2) for Japanese. There is a policy for the oversea study program: students who apply for Master Program of Overseas Practicum have to study aboard for one year, or at least half year.


    The BA program is designed to develop students’ management skills in two main areas: marketing and innovation, and business workflow management. The HR program focuses on management skill development in human resource management.

To enhance research skills for students both in Business Administration program and Human Resources program, we offer Research Technique Course such as Application Statistic, Research Methodology, Multivariance Analysis, and Qualitative Research Method. These courses help students develop research skills and obtain experience in planning and execution for their major study.

The curriculum for Master Program of Overseas Practicum focuses on intercultural competency and international connection. Students will experience interdisciplinary study activities with international students before they study aboard. For students in the oversea program, they have to register for at least two English-taught courses and study with GMBA students, most of them come from more than 10 different countries.